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Stylist's Secrets: It Starts at the Bowl

It's no secret that giving your head a good scrubbing is a client's favorite part of a hair appointment. The experience itself is a huge reason why many clients will even go as far to pay a little extra for just ten minutes longer back in the bowl. In fact, on average, a guest is almost guaranteed to not return to a salon if they receive a lackluster shampoo which could mean trouble for those stylists hoping to grow their business.

For those who are missing that little extra key to success for an above average shampoo, you're in luck! Our resident shampoo master, Butler, is here to give you some insider tips and advice on how exactly he has perfected his shampoos to make his guest's always asking, "Can I have just an extra five minutes?"

"He took his time, I had the most relaxing scalp massage, and I literally felt like I could melt into the chair. I came out feeling refreshed and relaxed and all I went in for was a shampoo."

That is just one of the many fantastic remarks that Butler receives on his shampoo services. And it's not just every now and again, it's every client. Butler has been in the hair industry for roughly three years and one of his biggest influences on his growing clientele has been the VIP treatment they receive in the shampoo room. We asked Butler a few questions on just exactly how he get's each and every shampoo to be one to remember.

Q: So, to you, what makes a good shampoo?

A: Making the client feel relaxed. They should feel as if they are the only guest in the salon, like all of your attention is on them and their needs. I always make sure to thoroughly scrub, keep a consistent pattern in my motions and applying even, firm pressure. But definitely not too much pressure; you want them to feel at ease, not uncomfortable. Ultimately, they are your number ONE priority, and if you don't treat them as such, they will be able to tell.

Q: How has providing an amazing shampoo impacted your business?

A: Guests are almost instantly at ease and it's almost if that makes the service for me easier. You cut out any type of negative energy that a guest could have come in with, whether you knew it or not, and creates a safe environment where they feel comfortable and are actually enjoying the experience. This creates a bond with the two of you which is probably the most important part of growing a following. You need to give them a reason to come back, and shampooing is definitely one of them.

Q: If you had one piece of advice to give to fellow stylist's on the sudsy subject, what would it be?

A: Always give a massage. It always gives a good sense of closure to a shampoo and creates a more luxurious feeling at the bowl. Make them feel like they're getting their money's worth and don't skimp on any service or else you'll have cheated them out of what could have been an otherwise amazing experience you had to offer.

Q: And what exactly is your method of massage?

A: I always use rhythmic motions and keep even, firm pressure while going in a pattern that feels good to the guest. Never forget to ask, "Is this pressure okay" because not every head is the same and some like more pressure than others, vice versa. But above all I just remember to keep my hands on the head at all times and keep my fingers moving to keep the connection between stylist and guest going until the end.

A good shampoo will take a stylist very far, always keep that in mind when taking care of every guest! How exactly has a proper shampoo service benefitted you and your business? Do you have any special techniques you use? Let us know down below in the comments and as always, live beautifully.

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