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Stylist of the Month: Cassie

As a salon, we pride ourselves on a high level of expertise from our stylists. They are all so individually skilled in their specific craft that we can't help but be like the cast of 'Dance Moms' and scream about how overly proud of them we are. The hair that walks out of those doors is always nothing shy of spectacular and we cannot thank them enough for their passionate dedication and drive. As recognition, we have a monthly feature for 'Stylist of the Month' to showcase an individual for all the work they put into their craft. This month we'd like to feature one of our newest stylist's to the floor; Cassie.

With only two years in the industry, Cassie has worked incredibly hard to achieve her spot behind the chair. She graduated from the Master's program at Aveda and quickly went on to apprentice under a Level 4 stylist in the salon. After six months of training, she transitioned to fulltime behind the chair and has completely blossomed in the process while quickly building a clientele due to her endless talent and top notch customer service. We sat down with Cassie to ask her a few questions on life from behind the chair to share with our readers, from her favorite products to tips on at home hair care.

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do behind the chair? What are your specialties?

A: I would say color is high up on the list. Specifically balayage or creative color. I feel like that's the most creative part of my job so I get to really enjoy my time during those processes.

Q: What are some of your favorite aspects of being a hairdresser?

A: Well, I love just about all of it if I'm being honest. I love the dedication, the hard work, the satisfaction you get after putting blood, sweat and tears into a client and it comes out beautifully. There's just nothing more satisfying than being able to come to my job everyday happy and excited. I've never had that before with any other job so I think I'm very lucky.

Q: Speaking of things you love, if you had to choose a product you absolutely couldn't live without, what would it be?

A: Oh geeze, well, that's a hard one. As hairstylists we probably use ten products a day on ourselves alone. But I would have to say it's a tie between L'Oréal's Architexture, which is like a texturizing paste, and their dry shampoo, Fresh Dust. I go through probably two bottles a month.

Q: Do you have any signature styling tips for guests to try at home?

A: I think my go to look that I tend to do on guests is a soft wave, almost like a retro-glam wave. So by taking a curling wand or a larger barrel iron, usually something around 1.5" to 2", I take one inch sections going up the head and curl pretty tight to the head. They should look like solid ringlets at first, and DO NOT touch them yet. The way you get them to set perfectly is by letting them cool in the pattern they are curled in. Once finished with each section, I spray them down with a good bit of hairspray, usual L'Oréal's Infinium 4 for solid hold, and then brush out the curls with a paddle brush. It comes out beautiful every time.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from next month's stylist of the month! Until then, leave some question's for our current STOM below! And as always, live beautifully.

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