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Look of the Week: Color Corrected

Every stylist has had a guest sit in their chair with a "help me" look in their eyes. A color that has gone wrong somewhere along the lines can make anyone squirm, especially the person sporting it. As stylists, we see these "corrections" as a testament to our knowledge and skillset as hairdressers. A big beautiful challenge that can make even the strongest stylists have bouts of nervous sweat. Luckily for our guests, we LOVE a good challenge.

Last week, one of our stylists, Caitlynn, had a correction needing some major TLC. A brassy, orange collection of blondes left her guest feeling lack luster. With a color correction, our main priority is, of course, to completely reset the hair and bring it back to a stable state. But more importantly, it's to make the guest fall in love with their hair again which Caitlynn is no stranger to.

Caitlynn has been making hair magic in the industry for a little over five years. With a constantly growing clientele, she is faced with new challenges daily and welcomes them with open arms. With an eye for corrective color, she creates plans on the spot, perfectly planned out to deliver the best results to every client in her chair, and this guest was no exception. We had Caitlynn walk us through step by step her process and had her give some of her insight on the daunting services that are color corrections.


"I took this client from a brassy, yellow box color, to a rich, neutral, dark blonde. I used Diarichesse 7.01 on the roots and then combed it down to melt into the lighter blonde. I then balayaged pieces around the face and toned with Dialight 9.12 through the ends. To keep the transition smooth, I lightly rinsed the ends and applied the toner. I then combed the darker root color through the mid-shaft to complete the look. "


"Color corrections aren't always simple. Depending on the color, the texture of the hair and history of the hair, a correction can be much more in depth. I always assess the unwanted tones of the hair and come up with a formulation which will in turn cancel them out and to enhance the desired tones. If the color isn't deep enough, I will go back and do a gloss at the shampoo bowl. The key is patience and time. Good isn't fast and fast isn't good. Take your time with a color correction and remember to breathe, because at the end of the day, it's just hair, and it can be fixed.

Color corrections may be a scary thing to see on your schedule at first, but the end results are always well worth the effort put into it, not to mention the gratitude your guest will have towards you for making them fall back in love with their locks. How do you feel about color corrections? Do you have any special tips and tricks when it comes to color corrections? Let us know in the comments! Don't forget to like and share on our Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all of our posts! And as always, live beautifully.

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