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On Trend: Fashion Colors

In this industry, trends are ever changing. There is always something new and exciting that announced on Facebook almost every minute of the day. The most prominent trend at the moment is fashion colors! That's right, mermaids and unicorns rejoice in the spotlight as the must have hair at the moment is all bright, beautiful rainbow colors! But it's not just like the traditional rebellious phase you had when you were twelve and you colored a chunk of your hair in the bathroom. This trend has got some serious creativity to it.

Colorful hair isn't new by any means. In fact, the 80's and 90's were FULL of bright green mow-hawks, Gem and the Holograms pink bouffants, and faded blue grunge inspired messy-tresses. So what's changed? It's almost now more socially accepted to have rainbow bright hair. Much like tattoos and other modifications, colorful hair is no longer such a taboo subject. Many jobs have actually started to make uniform changes allowing employees to have "unnatural colored" hair. So now is the time to grab life by the roots and go boldly where your hair has never gone before.

The advancement in hair coloring has severely upgraded in years past, and the rainbow hair is no exception. Brands are now specializing in semi/demi-permanent, bright tones for stylists to bring the very best, and the very brightest to guests. Brands like PulpRiot, Pravana and Joico are bringing some of the most vibrant, stand out colors for stylists to play with and the results are nothing shy of beautiful.

The downside? A head full of unnatural tones does unfortunately come at a cost. Key word being maintenance. These tones are not meant to stay in hair for long, most of them coming as DEMI/SEMI dyes, they are meant to wash out after 4-6 shampoos. But with technological advances, many companies have been able to extend that longevity to even 10 washes! It's all about doing your research and knowing that this type of change is a commitment. You must be willing to be gentle on your hair, spring for deep conditioning treatments to keep it's integrity, and keeping up appearances in the salon for touch ups. So, is it worth it? That's up for the guest to decide!

What do you think of the unicorn hair trend? What would be your ideal hair color to rock? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments! And as always, live beautifully.

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