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why we love them

Not everyone is born with the hair of their dreams. Many guests see the same issue with their hair: it's just not enough. Whether your problem is length, volume, or even just fullness, we have the solution: Extensions.


Extensions have been a staple in the cosmetology industry for years and has only progressed with the times. Extension technology has never ceased to impress us or our guests and today there is more types of extensions than ever before. We specialize in the most in demand extension types on the market to bring the highest level of excellence hair to our guests.


The Process:
Before installation comes consultation. A thorough consultation is had to understand the guest’s needs and wants completely going forward. The desired look, number of bundles needed, color, and price estimate is all completed post consultation. Once a price is established, the guest is expected to pay a deposit of 50% down of the cost of the service. The stylist will then order the hair and make an appointment for installation.


Types of Extensions:

  • Fusions​​

  • Tape-Ins

  • Beaded Strands

  • Beaded Wefts


*Different methods are used on a client basis. Depending on look, maintenance, and hair type, the stylist will best select method for the client.*​

why you need them

Extensions add more to your life then just length and volume. They are a tool for most women to get them through awkward grow-out lengths, help hold a style, or even to fill in where hair has been lost. Here are some of our clients fave benefits from their hair extensions: 

  • Growing out hair is a thing of the past, you have long locks in a matter of hours 

  • Curls and daily styles last all day rather than just a few hours

  • You can add dimension to damaged hair that can't take much color processes

  • You can add fullness as needed! No more thin, short sides or wispy ends with the help of a few rows of extensions

  • Extensions add a barrier between your hair and everyday damage to protect your hair for healthy growth

Need more information? Book a consult with any of our extension experts and they can answer any of your questions, and check out our favorite brands below! 

Our featured brands


before & after

Beaded Weft by Cassie
Bellami Fusions by Emily
Great Lengths Fusions by Cassie
Bellami Fusions by Cassie
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